Free Google Advertising Course

Our self-paced Google AdWords (Search Network) training course for business people and their staff, offers practical and easy to implement step by step advice. The tutorial covers both basic and more advanced aspects of AdWords. We walk you through setting up a Google AdWords account, creating a first search campaign, writing great ads, finding right keywords, and optimizing AdWords for more sales at a lower cost.

A training content is presented and compiled by certified Google AdWords Partner, and consists of 6 hours of videos and other materials.

This is a FREE ADWWORDS COURSE on Udemy.

If you still do not feel confident enough you can use our Adword Support Packages

  • you can use ordered hours in up to 3 month time (minimum 1 hour chunks),

  • you have 10-30 hours of individual AdWords Support,

  • you can use support time for anything related to Adwords in search networks,

  • questions, help in setting up Adwords, creating campaignes or ads,

  • keywords research, advice on optimizing for conversions,
  • correcting mistakes and more...,

Basically, we will help you all the way. Unfortunately, there is one thing we cannot do - offer a free lunch.

Check now which support package suites you best!

Latest Reviews

  • Guest
    Useful and informative. Really inspired me on how we can start advertising with Google Adwords
  • Guest
    Great stuff - very informative course and gave me a range of ideas on how to improve my own website for better results with Adwords.
  • Guest
    This course is a great help, and basically I got course for free since I have 10 support hours. Very handy.
  • Guest
    The course was very useful and I learned a lot of things that I can imediately implement in our business. Darius was very knowledgeable and knew how to communicate well. As a beginner to Adwords, I really appreacited both basics and advanced elements of the course. Thanks!
  • Guest
    Just what I was looking for. Great course: a lot of practical applications that I used in our business, asking questions helped me to sort out some details.

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