Why businesses fail with Google AdWords.

Although we could list a number of things that cause people to give up:

  • not using enough negative keywords,

  • only using broad match keywords,

  • not using proper landing pages,

  • or wrong account structure.

There is only one reason in reality – lack of knowledge. Google AdWords is not some sort of a plug and play device. Turn it on and it will make cookies. Yet over 90% of businesses using AdWords we have encountered didn't bother with getting even a short, basic training. It is especially bad with self-employed people or small business entities (1-10 people employed).

So if you try Google AdWords, and use for instance free AdWords credits, you will run out of it in a day or less. Simply, because you didn't know what you were doing. Google AdWords would like to present itself as an automated money machine and an easy to use tool but do not get fooled by that propaganda. They are a business, and they suppose to make money, not you.

And besides an obvious difficultly with AdWords itself, you also face competition!

So what is the solution to the problem?

Get some training & support for yourself and your staff!

If your AdWords budget doesn't allow to hire a full time management company, training is your only option.

You may say but “I already have too much on my plate”, yet again you simply must get it done (unless you believe in miracles). A training can be done online (as in a case of our course), so it will be a self-paced course, done when you have a time. And in addition most courses take about 8 hours to complete (listening to the material) when covering only search network, so it is not such a big time commitment.

There is one aspect of in-person courses that has an advantage over online ones (besides a free lunch) – you can ask questions! Yet, disadvantages are much bigger: you have access to the course only during the training session and those things are easy to forget. In online courses, on the other hand, you have access to materials much longer.

To help people like yourself we have created a brand new course type that not only combines advantages of in-person and online training, but it is also adding hours of free AdWords support so you are not left alone when you will face the wall.

Our training is done from business goals perspective it is not simply showing you the AdWords interface. (Google does not offer that type of advice)

What do you get:

  • you have 7-day free trial! (no payment before 7th day),

  • you have 5 hours of individual AdWords Support included and you can ask questions!

  • you can get more support hours if required,

  • you can share access to the course with any of your employees!

  • easy to implement step by step advice,

  • 7 hours of videos and other materials,

  • course created by certified by Google AdWords Professional,

  • 1-year access,

Are you ready to get more sales from AdWords? Grab this 15% discount code as a thank you for finding us online AR15 and get a ball rolling.





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